About The Music - Harry Manx Live

Before reading the following entry please open the link in a new window, hit play and then read on.

I thought I would share something different in this blog entry.  In fact, in a lot of ways this is the part I have been looking forward to putting together the most.

I want to forget about writing about the products I sell for a while and talk about what I enjoy most - the music.  For my first entry for About The Music I would like to write about a great live performing artist that my wife - Danielle and I went and saw.  This is the first live venue we have been to since the birth of our first child (over 20 months ago) so you could say it has been a long time between drinks.  I first heard of Harry Manx through last.fm and had pretty limited exposure to his music, so I thought it was the perfect way to get back into seeing live music.  No expectations, limited exposure and enjoying being out on the town was the perfect recipe to really enjoy this performance.

Harry isn't the sort of performer that is going to smash your ear drums into oblivion or wow you with pyrotechnics or a hammed up performance.  His craft is much more subtle than that.  This is a man who strives in playing live music in a spiritual and emotional manner while having great respect for both the eastern and western styles of music.  Utilising an array of instruments from 6-string guitar, lap slide guitar, banjo, harmonica and a 20 string weapon of choice the Mohan Veena, Harry is in the unique position of crafting well written songs and producing great musicality that draws you completely into the performance.  His song writing skills complete the circle to create a musical performance that is very special to witness.

Harry blends the most unlikely of genres together to create his own easily recognisable style.  Intertwining traditional acoustic blues with the hypnotic sounds of India, Harry has managed to create a style that can spellbind you into being anchored in to your chair for the whole performance.  His version of Voodoo Child played with a banjo is just the proof needed to showcase the skill that Harry Manx possesses as a fine-tuned live performer.

If you get the chance check him out, it is well worth the price of admission.  Harry Manx Live - Outstanding live performance for people who appreciate the subtle sides of a great musician.

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