WLM La Scala's are on the way

After a lot of deliberation, research and reflection the first pair of demonstrator WLM speakers are on their way to Australia.

I have always had the desire to offer the best value for money and the best match for other components that I sell.  It is for these reasons that I have decided to bring the WLM La Scala's into Australia.  So why have I chosen to bring in WLM? The primary reason has to do with their reported synergy with Red Wine Audio.  In fact, Red Wine Audio are the distributor for WLM in the US and one of the main men behind WLM, Hannes Frick, also sells Red Wine Audio in his homeland of Austria.  There is already an established relationship between these brands.  Secondly, while researching the brand, I discovered that WLM have a lot of the same beliefs that I have when it comes to audio equipment.
- Offering value for money - while they will not be considered the cheapest speakers in the market, they will be considered outstanding performers in their price category 
- The ability to design and produce highly acclaimed speakers, tube amplifiers and state of the art cross over networks (not just another speaker designer who has no understanding of amplifier design or another amplifier designer who has no understanding about speaker design)
- Classic design principles without all of the bright lights and gimmicks that you pay for today and forget within the first few weeks of use

- Solid engineering design, while taking advantage of unique design ideas ranging from adjustable tweeter control to full speaker bandwidth control
- High sensitivity, so that you have complete choice over the type of amplification you prefer including low power tube amps
- A preferance for natural sounding audio reproduction
- The use of natural materials and the quality of workmanship that this demands
- Using what sounds best to the design team and not offering the latest and greatest driver just for the sake of it
- Offering products that range from basic speaker designs right up to very high performing reference speakers within the industry
- The belief of pushing the performance of their products in each price range
- Most of all they have the belief that they are offering worldclass speakers and amplifiers for the astute listener

Will I absolutely love them?  That will be answered pretty soon.  I have purchased this demo set sight unseen and completely unheard.  Sometimes you have to take risks to reap rewards.  Full report coming soon!