Hoyt Bedford / Trafomatic Package Deals

To commemorate the launch of the Hoyt Bedford brand of speakers we have decided to offer a cracking deal for the audio lover.

The Hoyt Bedford range produced by Louis Chochos from Omega Speaker Systems has been developed as an economical range of single driver, crossover-less speakers that get to the heart of the music in the same way as the higher Omega range.  With very attractive pricing from Hoyt Bedford the challenge was on to find a quality amplifier that do these speakers justice.

Type 1 in optional pearl black finish
I instantly threw the challenge out to Sasa Cokic to build me a more budget oriented tube amplifier that still has the great performance that I have come to expect from Trafomatic.  Well Sasa replied quickly and directly.  Target price was settled upon and he offered straight up, a single ended design with an EL34 tube on the output.  Sasa had designed the amp over 12 months earlier so final development was all that was left.  2 x 6 Watts with the typical Trafomatic quality transformer would be more than enough to drive the Hoyt Bedford's with their 97dB sensitivity.  The name for this new Trafomatic amplifier - Aries.

So here is the deal - choose between the Hoyt Bedford Type 1 ($995), Type 2 ($1,650) or Type 4 ($2,900).  Add the Trafomatic Aries ($1,600) and we will give you a discount of 10% on the deal.  If you need speaker cables or interconnects we will discount these by 20%.  Prices include delivery to pretty much anywhere in Australia. 

The full range of Hoyt Bedford speakers consist of a Monitor (Type 1 - AU$995 per pair), Floorstander (Type 2 - AU$1650 per pair), Subwoofer (Type 3 - AU$900) and Floorstander with inbuilt powered subwoofers (Type 4 - AU$2900). Standard finishes consist of Maple and Cherry. Optional finishes +$200.

Options for the Trafomatic include remote control +$140 and high gloss laquer finish +$60. 

This is a combination that is simply made in heaven.  Add a quality source and you will fall in love with the intimacy that this combination will create.  If late night listening is part of the diet then you are in for a treat.  Guaranteed to keep you up well after bed time.  Simply sublime.

Hoyt Bedford's won't go super low or super high but what they do is image beautifully and produce the most cohesive sound you will ever come across.  Everything they produce will be as one organic movement. 

Hoyt Bedford's feature an all new driver. It's an 8" dual cone and shares the whizzer from the ALN8Omega Alnico driver. Ferrite motor with wood damping cover. Extremely fast and articulate. 97dB efficiency, 8 Ohm impedance.

Type 1 features:
Designed and built in house.
3/4" soft wood MDF for stability and 1/4" Hardwood MDF lamination on front and back
Ladder bracing with rear wall diffuser
Omega damping throughout.
Inset driver and attached with 8 brass machine screws and zinc inserts.
3" flared Precision Port.
System can be run sealed or vented.
Vampire multiway binding posts
Triple lead internal wiring. 2 positive and 1 negative
Best quality wood veneers used on all panels.
Phenolic sheet between MDF and Veneer
Magnet Grills.
10 Year warranty.
Size: 23" Tall x 11" Wide x 11.5" Deep
Frequency response for the Type 1 is 60 to 18KHz sealed and 48 to 18KHz vented

Type 2 features:
Same as Type 1 except floorstander
10 Year warranty.
Size: 40" tall x 11" wide x 11.5" Deep
Frequency response for the Type 2 is 50Hz to 18KHz sealed and 38Hz to 18KHz vented

The Type 3 is the Sub. It's 11 x 11.5 x 18 tall. Bottom firing driver (my own) and sealed cabinet.
The footprint in the line remains constant. This means that the option of stacking Type 1's on top of Type 3's is possible.  The Type 3 utilises a 200 watt plate amp to power the driver.  Hoyt Bedford recommend placing Granite in between.  If you order one sub and another at a later date, stacking is an option.

The Type 4 looks exactly like the Type 2 floorstander. The cabinet is chambered. On top is a Type 1 and the bottom is a Type 3. The sub sat is housed in one cabinet. The Type 4 is all set up with the wiring all you need to do is plug in the powered sub unit, plug in speaker cables and you are ready to go.  The Type 4 will play the most musical bass from 30Hz and will go up to 18KHz.