WLM Stella Deal

To celebrate the five star review awarded to the WLM Stella's by Digital Audio Review we are offering a Stellar deal.

If you order a pair of the WLM Stella Floorstanders over the next four weeks (starting 21st of March) you will receive a pair of the WLM Stratos Speaker Cables in a 2 metre length absolutely free.  The speaker cables are valued at $300.  If you want a longer cable length you only pay for the difference.  If you prefer you can replace the speaker cables with a pair of the outstanding WLM Lyros Interconnects with Neutrik Profi Plugs.

The WLM Stella's are available in maple or stained black maple.  Unfortunetly the Cherry finish is no longer available.

If you wish to purchase the WLM Sonata at the same time please contact us for a really outstanding deal.  A deal so hot we can't publish pricing online!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank John Darko for spending the time to understand and learn about the WLM speakers and amps.  John certainly has a way with words, not only does the review describe the product, but the writing style he uses reflects the type of sound being produced.